Is this Site Better than Other Sites ? Only Time can Tell!

Just like some of the member users here, I also joined this site based on an email I received. Just like the other member/s, I am also still wondering how they got my email address. May be, as apprehended by some members here it may be the “new” avatar of some absconding sites like cgpgallery or gymmysworld ( who already got our email adds) or there may be someone selling “email adds” for a price. Anything could happen online.

Today, I also received an email from this site with the title “Good News! SkyPip offers more new earning opportunities”. Actually, there is nothing to cheer about it for the following reasons.

As you all know very well, almost all revenue share sites pay only peanuts and some even broken peanuts for the time and energy we spend on their sites in creating and sharing our knowledge with the world. So, naturally, their announcement “*New! Get Bonus for Publishing Post Everyday” did not enthuse me in any way that too when I saw that they just gave me one cent for a 302 word article I posted yesterday. By running a revenue share website only the website owners are benefitted and not the authors or writers. Because they earn without putting in any efforts.

Also, everyone here should note that the “First Payout Limit For Every User is now $5”. So it is $5 for the first payout only and not the minimum payout as claimed/wondered by one of the user member here by name “rahulvsmokiee” in his article”Why skypip is better than other sites” “Also, there minimum payout is just 5$”. After the first payout, everyone of us has to reach $20 to claim our payout. So, it is only a trick used by the site to lure new users to the site and nothing else to cheer.

Whether this site will survive and whether it is really better than other sites is a big question mark as of now and time can only tell.