Do You or Don’t You?

Do You or Don’t You?

Do you or don’t you? Okay, Okay I hope I am not being too personal. What I would just like to know is do you or don’t you remove all your jewelry when you go to bed at night.

When you have had your shower/bath do you or don’t you remove your earrings, chains and wrist watch before going to sleep at night.

There are some people that once you have had their bath/shower they remove all their jewelry, to be able to rub body lotion on all over their body

This is a nightly beauty routine, but really is it necessary to remove the jewelry every night. I promise you your rings will not disappear or get damage from a little body lotion.

Some people have a small jewelry container on their bedside table into which they place their jewelry at night. In the morning after doing their daily beauty routine all the jewelry gets put back on for them to look nice, and feel good at work each day.

Do you think that this is necessary, do you or don’t you do this? My rings are part of me I hardly ever remove my rings. I wear gold studs in my ears and must be honest I do change these every so often just to alter my looks for a day or two.

How about you, are you someone that removes all your jewelry every night and puts it all back on the next morning?

My one daughter does this. She says as she washes her hair in the shower every morning this is the best way to go, and I must admit that she always looks so smart and very professional when she goes to work. Do you or don’t you?

So my friends as the song goes : “Some girls do and some girls don’t”.

Kathy Atkinson

Image from Pixabay