Friends come and go

I have to agree that there is a point in time where friends come and go, it’s really rare that a person who has been your friend for your whole life, stays with you as friends forever. We have to face the fact that sometimes friends come and go as we have changes in our environment, in our work and also in the social circle we live in. It seems that sometimes we just don’t click with that person anymore and sometimes we just have to go on with our lives yes we may be busy but we don’t hang out that much anymore.

It doesn’t mean that we hate each other, it merely means that we all have different perspectives and goals in life and people often misinterpret this as being that that person has changed and no longer is the person you once used to know.

Frankly speaking sometimes people do change, due to the different environmental stages they have and all the different people they meet. Lifestyles, beliefs and also how they act will definitely change.

I don;t blame people for changing and sometimes they really are changing for the better or moving forward to achieve another target.  I have a friend who thought we all changed, but then to be frank, we all moved forward but she is still living in her fairy tale dream. We all have commitments and we are all working, where she has this thought that we are all using we’re busy with work as an excuse.

But she is wrong, sometimes we are so tired once we get back from work all we want to do is rest. Do you agree with me?  We change for the better my friend, so please don’t think that we have become ignorant.

We still are friends just that we don’t contact each other anymore or have been less.



Photo Credits: my own