Cheese cake lovers unite!

Cheese cake lovers unite! I am really a cheese cake lover and whenever I feel down or feeling a tad bit depressed I will definitely go for cheesecake! I don’t know why but cheesecake has something that makes me happy. It’s really fattening but then you have to admit that it tastes so good! I love all sorts of cheesecakes! From Chocolate cheesecake to oreo cheesecake to chiffon cheesecakes! I miss the days where I used to bake cheesecakes at my mom’s place. It’s kind of hard to bake cheesecake at my in law’s place now as there are too many people in the kitchen and as they always say, too many chef spoils the soup, that’s why I don’t want to use the kitchen as my mother in law wants to use it.

But then I still enjoy baking, I don’t really know how to bake lots of cakes but then I have the few that I love to bake. I am not a baker and I know it. Some say that cooking and baking makes them less stress, but for me, but for me, writing and blogging makes me forget about life stress and makes me relaxed. I love writing and reading! But then writing really requires a lot of time!

Sometimes I will go out for some cheesecake with my husband, I am so lucky that he is a cheesecake lover too, else I would have to finish the cheesecake on my own! I am so blessed to have him, to bring me for cheesecakes all the time and also knowswhat makes me happy and what keeps me happy.

Writing about all these cheesecake makes me hungry! Wish I could have some cheesecake now!


Photo Credits: my own