The definition of love by the society


The society used to be the moral compass for almost everything. It was so funny that whatever it dictated, was done without question. The society was also responsible for so many weird things that happened. For instance, in the African set up, one would be told whom to marry and whom not to. The reasons would be as lame as “He/she is not from a wealthy family . . . The person is from a family of known murderers.” Over the years, I watched people’s lives get ruined. I watched people lie about their true intentions and later in end up hurting the spouses they were paired with.

So what’s this society that I’m talking about? It’s the range of family members starting with your family, the relatives and friends of relatives. They can be good influence on your nuclear family or the worst nightmare. Once upon a time, ¬†when were not yet born (for those born in the 90s) the society seemed to be ‘good’ whatever that meant for them. But as people began to keep to themselves and work towards personal growth, the society started crumbling piece by piece.

That is why definitions of many things changed. Like the definition of love has become so dilute. It is the society’s common belief that a man should be the breadwinner in the family, the woman should be submissive, a house wife and bear children.. That was once valid but I think it’s about time they revisited that definition. In the series Robocop, someone says, “Fuck the society.” That is because one is supposed to live their life and refuse to be held back by any biases or stereotypes.

Create your own definition of love and stick to it. The society is no longer an anchor to anything. It is rotten more than one way.


Disclaimer: these are my thoughts and opinions.