Consignments Online stores Awareness

“Oh, I thought this would be a great way to make a few dollars to help bring in a little money to help keep our heads above water. So I did a research on consignments store to sell items that I had when I cleaned out my closet of the shoes and clothes I had sitting in my closet that I bought used or new but in good shape and had a lot of wear yet in them. Some shoes I have bought were yet in shoe boxes. Twice a year I do spring clean up and fall clean up.

As I was researching I happen to come across and found a website called Swap.con Online consignment.  It sounded compromising when I read the terms of services. It is a corporation  organized under the laws of Delaware so I signed up to give it a test drive. I have sent them items and sold items but did not make a red cent off of my items. Why? many may asked. It appears that legal they can charged inbound services fees not for each box but for each item that is sold.  Services fees, and one or more fees may be charged. I do however understand completely charging fees for using their websites for I don’t have a problem at all with that. However, charging fees for every item that a person sells now that I have a problem with.

It does frustrating when the team from sends an email to me to make me aware that I sold my items. When I click on the link that is included in the email to check my account this is what I view in my account 0.00.   So if anybody is thinking to use any consignments online beware, make sure you read every word and even through the lines. has fees charges they make money off of what people sends and profits from what the sellers sells. My experiences from using Online Consignment has not been positive outcome. Everything I have sold I have been charged one or more times for inbound services and other services. I can see and clearly understand charging fees for using their services like I mentioned above but fees for every item sold. How is anybody can make a profit if they are paying out fees it appears to what I experience that Swap team more profits in their pocketbooks than the seller does.

I found it to be best to sell items at yard sales or best to donate items to help people in need. Be careful to read thoroughly the use of the website instructions and fees they charge if you don’t, you be charged fees and profit nothing. Online consignment stores sell or buy items read, read, even through the lines and if you don’t understand, ask questions before signing up and sending your items because it may be you that loose out and consignment store one to make money off of the items you send. Please be careful using Online consignments. As for Online Consignments I would not recommend this website or share this website to my family or friends that is my opinion in the impression the website left on me working with the website team. Most important before signing up for any Online Consignments to sell items you may wish to sell and think you’re gone to make any profits, “DO YOUR RESEARCH!” first. Read all the reviews.  “Do your Homework!”


Date Payout # of items Amount
Jul 25th, 2016 Payout 6022684004 1 $0.00
Jul 11th, 2016 Payout 5887597071 1 $0.00
Jun 27th, 2016 Payout 5836614264 3 $0.00