Creative ways to use leftovers- part 4

Hello friends!!
How you all are doing, hope everyone is doing okay!!

Good afternoon friends!!
I am again here to share some more exciting dishes.

1- LEFTOVER RICE PATTIES- Well in my home there is no time when we don’t have rice leftover and believe me its worse than a pasta. So mix some eggs, chopped veggies, cheese and convert it into tasty rice patties. I am sure you will love it.

2- LEFTOVER PASTA SALAD WRAP- Take all the pasta salad leftover and make wraps from it. This is an exciting dish made from chicken and grapes. You can check the recipe on the internet.

3- FREEZE LEFTOVER PANCAKES- If you have made huge number of pancakes and it is not consumed then don’t worry about that. Just freeze it and you can check the instruction of freezing. In this way you can use those pancakes for months.

4- LEFTOVER SPAGHETTI BRAID- If you have leftover pasta then why not you combine buttery garlic bread along with those leftover pasta and trust me, you will eat up your hands. Just add some cheese to the leftover spaghetti to make it a spaghetti braid using pre-made frozen dough.

5- THANKSGIVING DINNER CRESCENT ROLLS- Here is another idea to use up your thanksgiving leftovers. Combine small portions of your leftovers into a pastry to make these thanksgiving stuffed croissants for your next day meal.

6- LEFTOVER SPAGHETTI PASTA PIE- This will be the perfect dish if you have leftover spaghetti noodles without sauce. Just turn it into cheesy pasta pie. You can check the recipe instructions on internet.

I hope all my creative dishes would help out them who used to throw out the leftovers or eat it twice or thrice in the same day. Thank you so much!!