Creative ways to use leftovers- part 1

Hello friends!!
How you all are doing, hope everyone is doing okay!!

Today i want discuss a very important which happens everyday in every home. I think nobody want to waste foods but its not always possible to measure meals and prepare it so that nothing get leftover. Also no one want to eat the same food twice a day. So today i want to share some of my favorite dishes which can be used as leftovers in a creative ways. i hope you all like it. Here comes my first dish.

1- CHEESY MASHED POTATO CAKES- I think every home are fond of potatoes and its very obvious that it is not consumed in whole so to consume the leftover of boiled potatoes, go for Cheesy mashed potato cakes. You will definitely love it not as leftover but a delicious snacks.

2- HAMBURGER BUNS as MINI PIZZAS- Its very obvious that after making burgers some buns are left always and mold used to eat it up and you toss it outside. So to avoid this situation, use it as min pizza crust. Also you can use it as sandwich. I think everyone love pizzas.

3- LEFTOVER GROUND BEEF MEXICAN DIP- People who love tacos and burritos in dinner always have leftovers of taco seasoned ground beef. So friends, instead of throwing it, use it as creamy Mexican dip recipe. You will love it.

4- LEFTOVER HALLOWEEN CANDY BROWNIE- Well you must be thinking that is there anyone who don’t eat Halloween candy or never plan to do so. And the answer is yes. There are peoples who don’t like to eat sugar or sweet things and i am one of them. So for the people like me, they can use it as brownie or cookie recipe. It will be delicious.

5- SINGLE PORTIONED LEFTOVER SOUP- Leftover soups is very obvious we all know. So instead of trying to eat it all, consider freezing it into individual sized portions so that you enjoy whole year.