Kodak Moment Photographs

I am not a professional photographer but I do however love taken photo’s. That unique one of kind snap shot that Kodak moment.

Husband have bought a camera two or three years ago. Not expensive one but it works for what the photographs I like to snap. I love photographing photo’s of nature and unique and unusual objects. Today I have missed out on a photo while I was strolling through the community park in my town. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a beautiful vibrant color blue jay sitting on the wire fence. It would of been a good photo to take.

Photographing of nature became one of my hobby that help passes time. I love to sew and make quilts and have made a few skirts too. After the finishing of whatever I created I take a photo of the finish project. Not much interesting in snapping photo’s of people. It has to be something that one time photo shot. Strange and out of ordinary photo of nature life. Sometimes I will snap a photo of my family pets when they are laying a funny way or when the cat and dog are sleeping in the same bed with their arms around one another or when family pets are being silly and awkward.

Photo’s are memories that lasts a life time. Friends and family comes and goes as life grows. I can look back at times looking through my photo’s of times that were treasure memories. Not to many people anymore take photo’s for there are many new ways to take photo’s. With Cell phones, tablets, with expensive camera’s. It not like it use to be where one time photo where families meets together to have a family photo. In this time of age families are to busy anymore with working, raising their own families.

Look back in history how families use to be and how they are today there will be many examples of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Now I don’t get paid for my photo’s as I mentioned I do not take photographs as a professional of means to get paid. I take photographs because it is something I enjoy doing, as a hobby.

Do you have any hobbies?