Reasons why women cheats!!

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Today I want to discuss a very important problem of today’s generation. Cheating on your partner has became very common nowadays. Its not only women, men also cheats on their partner. Here I want to share few reasons why women cheats on their partners.

1- LOW SELF-ESTEEM- Women have low self esteem we all know and some time due to this, they move into depression and stress which results in cheating.

2- REVENGE- Its not always but sometimes women feels like betrayed by their partner and they cheat their partner as a part of revenge.

3- LONELINESS AND NEGLECT- After marriage women feel very lonely and they feel like a maid, mother instead of wife or girlfriend. This can be the reason of cheating.

4- LACK OF SIZZLE- Marriage doesn’t mean end of romance and beginning of responsibility. After marriage its the responsibility of husband to plan dates and be romantic with your partner. If women don’t get all this, they can cheat you.

5- LACK OF INTIMACY- We all know how much love is important in life and it needs to be expressed by physical touch and pleasures. If a women don’t get all this at home she will cheat you.

6- UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS- Most of the women have lots of desires and they want to get fulfilled and if their partners are not doing this, they move on to search a person who fulfills their desires which results into cheating.

7- LACK OF FEMALE SOCIAL SUPPORT- Every women need a society of women who support her in every situation. Without any support from society they feel alone and move towards other supports.

8- WANTING TO LEAVE THE RELATIONSHIP- Some women find it easy to cheat on their partner or abuse them to get out from the relationship. So this may also be added in the reasons why women cheats on their partner.