How To Make Your Product Stand Out

If you’re a product manufacturer and you’re sending your pride and joy out to retail spaces, how do you make it stand out? Here are three recommendations.

Coin a Catchy Name

Whether you manufacture umbrellas or dog collars, the name of your product needs to resonate with your customers. It also needs to line up with your brand identity and have a long shelf life. It makes sense for your name to be descriptive so that customers already have an idea of what it will do. For example, the Mr. Clean brand name and mascot translate easily to the brand’s all-purpose cleaner and sponge. Even if you’ve come up with a name that you think is great, consider doing some consumer research on it before you go to market.

Choose the Perfect Packaging

Product packaging is a critical aspect of making your product stand out. From candies to socks, the packaging allows you to advertise, describe and instruct. For example, packaging your lemon drops in a resealable pouch with a see-through panel allows customers to see and understand the product before they ever taste it. Further, you can print the ingredients, nutritional and storage information, company history, and other details on the pouch. The colors and materials you choose are another way to give your product “curb appeal” when it’s on the shelf. Find packaging design experts in your area by searching online for “Product Packaging Design Portland OR,” for example.

Focus on Customer Communication

In today’s high-tech world, you can communicate with your customers through email and social media. Experts note that relationships are important. From providing contact and feedback info on your packaging to creating loyalty programs and acknowledging product issues, there are many opportunities to build relationships with your customers. In doing so, you establish trust and brand loyalty, which will keep them coming back.

As you prepare your product for the retail market, consider these three recommendations. They can help you achieve product success.