10 tips to make a good blog

Since I started blogging, many people have told me, “I’d like to blog, but I could not put it “or” Do not know where to start “and even” Why would anyone read me? I have nothing to say. “Well, for sentences like this that I have said many times, I decided to create this post. To encourage all those who have the bug writing or that they desire to have a project of this type. In the first place, you have to start somewhere


  1. Choose a platform. Which gives equal? Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, LiveJournal (that still exists, right?), Jux, Drupal … Any better to open your corner! That if I recommend Blogger. It is most useful and intuitive. Allows customized to the millimeter and can use it from a person who has never touched a tool like this to another expert in HTML code. You can create very attractive project and there are a thousand tutorials on the Internet.


  1. Find a good name. Like it or not, the name of your blog will represent. It should be something short, memorable and understandable. When I created the blog, I called Sweet Paranoia because at first it was a potpourri of things I liked but maybe if you are opening now, a name that would be more recognizable in the world of literature. But that if you put the one you get, you end up falling for him.


  1. Do not think about creating content to achieve some relevance. Simply write what you like to read to you in another blog. I think this board is one of the most important. Do not take you off the thought that “people will interest not what I like.” The blog must be for you. You read is a consequence of the interest that you’re content or generate your content. If you write just based on the interests of others, you will end up getting tired of keeping the blog as it requires time and dedication. There will always be people to be interested in your content, but the first “fan” you have to be you.


  1. Interact in social networks. It is very important to share your content on social networks for greater visibility, but before becoming a public figure (or your site into something public), think what you want to offer real information. Internet privacy is becoming more difficult, but if someone has the power to set limits is you.


  1. Before being blogger, was reader. Many people blog opens type two entries and then abandoned. That happens (sometimes) because they have not really conscious of what it is. To start a new project, I recommend you read before many. Visit them, tell them and even write them directly to the authors if you’re curious for something to do. Once you’ve visited a lot and know what you like or not, you’ll make a perfect blog with what you really want.


  1. Avoid intrusive spam. When you start to promote your site, try to avoid the intrusive spam. It is clear that a new illusion and have your biggest goal right now is too many people as possible. But excess spread your blog can become tiresome people. Do not visit other blogs and leave a link to yours no more. Neither force people to read you private messages or anything like that. Start small and recommends when you post your articles. For those interested, it will arrive. The search for the latest blogs to yours and go leaving comments with addresses that come to your site, it is an action that does a lot, but when you take a few years begins to hate. It causes rejection by the new site and even takes your interest in before giving it a try. Therefore, it is selective when it comes to promoting your blog.


  1. Never copy. It is one of the golden rules of the blogger. In addition to being penalized by Google (I’ll delve more on this), it creates a huge rejection by the rest of the community.


  1. Try to focus your niche. At first you might want to speak in a thousand different things, creating many sections / categories and give your opinion on everything. But this can create confusion among readers. Choose what you like and see the topic expanding gradually. By this I do not mean you can not talk about anything you want in your site, but try to be selective and have some of these things clear.


  1. Cite the source. It is very difficult that 100% of your blog content is 100% original. Often ideas will catch a video, a magazine, or any other blog site. When this happens, but to modify it, it is better to cite the source. This inspires transparency for readers and fellowship among writers. He thinks that someone is likely to take as an example one of your articles and get it in your blog. How you that you would have to appoint people to know you? Well, they feel the same. In addition, a link that costs nothing and improves SEO (though we’ll talk about this in another post).


  1. Take it easy. Do not start trying to compete with a blog which has been open years. Everyone has a different situation. The most important thing is to be consistent. Propose a fixed number of entries (per day, week or month) and tries to fulfill it. If you see that this period allows you to be comfortable and you would like to increase it, then go ahead. But do not sweat it you from the beginning, because you end up leaving it.


Anyway, I hope you have helped these tips. The truth is that it is very difficult to select just 10. Of course keep in mind that the one who decides on the blog after all own the same. These are just some tips that I think important after four years as a blogger.

10 tips to make a good blog