Cats are family too.

So many people have a huge misunderstanding of cats.  I have been blessed to have had cats in my life since I was a child.  Some friends of mine consider me to be the cat whisperer.  I have two beautiful black cats that I love and that love me unconditionally.  I know every meow they make and what each one means.  I know how to speak to them so that they understand me and they communicate with me as well and I know exactly what they want.  They are like my children but more well behaved.  They are the kindest, most compassionate animals in my life and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  They comfort me when I’m sick and sleep with me every night.  They will tell you what they want if you just open your mind to melt with theirs.  It’s almost like mind reading on both parts.  One major thing to know is that black cats are not evil, or bad luck, in fact they are probably the best type of cat you could ever have.  Just remember cats are not owned by you, they pick people they feel comfortable enough to stay with.  If they don’t like you they will tell you or they will just leave and find someone else.  If you take a little bit of time to really get to know your cat you would be amazed at the things they can teach you and how wonderful they are to have in your life.  My cats have taught me patience, compassion, unconditional love of animals and tolerance.  I cannot fathom having better teachers in the world than that.  I hope this helps you better understand the cat family.   I wish I could have that kind of life, I would love to be a cat in my next lifetime!