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Good technological progress

Being technology minded means reaching for the cell phone when you wake up

Nothing is refreshing in the morning like a cup of coffee. The number of coffee devotees is more than those devoted to the morning newspaper. This is the reason more and more people are declining the morning cuppa and the newspaper for another piece of toast – the cell phone. I mean you cannot dip your biscuit into the cell phone. Nor can you unfold it and wipe your chair with it. But you can get the service that is more than just this. So much so, it has become a morning thing along with being a part of the personal effects of the modern go-getter — like fiber alongside nutrition in your fruits.

Being technology minded means sending an SMS instead of attending a get together

One always likes a get-together. We meet all the right people – people we know and work with or move with at our work or play. It creates a bonhomie that strengthens bonds and reflects in our uplifted spirits. Of course, sometimes we need to avoid it altogether. Nothing is more difficult than saying sorry. So we have the SMS. Don’t know who invented this but it is sure the greatest thing since the telegram or sandwich bread. Just press the list and choose an appropriate message and select the recipient. And lo! You are done.

Being technology minded means ignoring the newspaper

Not that the newspaper has violated any laws or is the scum of the earth – it just does not belong anymore. People get their news faster through the gossip network and they get theirs from cell phones. Some people use two or three phones though they all do the same thing. Maybe it is because it is so small…and cute! But I digress. Here is the world of technology waiting for your daily input – ah you have updated your blog with your cell phone. Would you like to know what is happening in the world? No? Like I said, newspaper please make way – move over.