10 ways to browse web better on your phone- part 2

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Some more tips for you so that you can browse internet freely on your phone!!

1- BROWSE WITHOUT A DATA PLAN- There are many places where we don’t find good data service for browsing internet. So i would like to suggest you to download Smozzy App (for Android) which helps you to browse internet without data plan by using your cellular provider’s messaging plan.

2- SHARE WEB PAGES BETWEEN YOUR DESKTOP AND YOU PHONE- Many a times we find some information on desktop and want to share it on my phone so you can email yourself. And above this there are many solutions to sync or swipe your files from desktop to phone. You should try those.

3- USE A VPN- Using VPN is not only important on you Desktop but it is also very important for your phone as well. I would like to suggest TunnelBear Mobile, an elegant and easy solution for Android and iOS.

4 – READ YOUR PHONE COMFORTABLY WITHOUT WRECKING YOUR SLEEP AT NIGHT- Your phone’s bright screen must be distracting your sleep and also kill your productivity next day. So its better to decrease the brightness of your phone or better use an app like Sunset for Android or Flux for iOS.

10- READ A SITE CLUTTER-FREE- Last but not the least one. Nowadays there are many sites who provides good view of sites by providing mobile pages but still you need some setting to read some of the web pages. So put your browser into reading friendly mode to avoid menus and ads on the web pages. You can do this with a bookmark Chrome for Android enable the hidden “Reader” mode.

Here is the end of my tips and from sharing this i would like to help those people who use only mobile phones on daily basis for browsing internet. I hope this will help them out to browse freely and efficiently.