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Care and Share in Life Begins With Good Health

Happy Life

The troubling thing about life is living it. To live, you need money. And for earning money, one needs good health. Buy in the long run, we need peace of mind. This is the state of mind that the average person has in some particular place and at a particular time.

A progressive person, therefore, will seek the urban locality. The simple man will seek the sanctuary of the peaceful countryside, A robber will seek the company of wealthy people. A murderer will seek anti-communal elements to share his or her bed with.

Work in a Healthy Environment

To do work, one must have good health. Obviously, one must not work oneself to death either. Healthy interaction in a progressive atmosphere leads to positive work output. Depending upon the status of dependency, we can see this as per the perspective described below.

Care and Share Factor

We can classify our interaction with other people into two main categories — caring and sharing. To avoid getting big headaches all the time, we must make firm decisions.

Trouble makers will always deter other people from doing the right thing in the right way. When we stop bothering other people, we begin to develop the feeling of caring. Our parents care for us. We care for our children.  But the children have to learn where to draw the line with regards to their kith and kin and their friends.

Trust only the Right People

We must know whom to trust and with whom to share. People who get angry, all of a sudden are not reliable people. So are people who lie through the back of their teeth. One moment they praise you and the moment your back is turned, they start spreading rumors about you.

To summarize, let us say that people who care for your wellbeing are trustworthy. They are the kind of people society wants most.