DIY Window Trim Installation- 6 Creative Ideas

One way to brighten up space and give it a new look as well as increased resale value in case you planning to sell and initiate home relocation is to change up the window trim. Use these 6 creative ideas for your next window replacement and window installation project.

  1. Farmhouse Trim

If you are looking for a country rustic vibe, then a farmhouse window trim might be just what you need. This type of window trim has a boxy look. Get your measurements in place. Measure and cut the window sill to your desired width. Next, cut the side casings. Next, piece together your header. You can also Google different images of farmhouse trims to get inspiration. Adding decorative pieces that have a vintage country feel also add to the look. Even though you might not feel like devoting too much time amidst your home removal tasks, it’s well worth the effort.

  1. Fancy Molding

Of course, if it is a fancy, modern feel you want, then you could make a stop at your local home repair store and pick up crown molding for windows and doors. Go for a style that is curved and looks stylish. Adding it around the trim will give it an enhanced look, and you could even paint it for extra style points as an accent window. That is sure to attract prospective buyers and get you off on your household removal with more money you will make from the deal.

DIY Window Trim Installation- 6 Creative Ideas2

  1. Wooden Trim

You could either measure and cut, or have your local home repair store cut your desired measurements of a beautiful pine or other wood material. Pry off the old trim with a crowbar and apply a new adhesive to add your new wooden look. Making such improvement is going to leave your home looking great before relocation.

  1. Fabric Feel

For the truly bold and fashionable, you could wrap your newly cut trim and super glue it. Make sure the fabric is wrapped tight around the trim. Carefully apply it around the window and you now have an accent window that pops with a bright colour or pattern. It is different and stylish! Such an easy solution to implement before the moving van arrives.

  1. Pelmet Header

Measure out a funky design or keep it boxy. Update the usual, boring trim with a pelmet header. This adds an interesting visual element to your window. You can keep it as simple or as detailed as you would like.

  1. Colour Contrast

Another way to get a bold statement without breaking the bank as you will need your money for booking with a removal company is to add your trim using an inexpensive crown molding. Before installation, colour the trim a bold, contrasting colour, for that extra pop. Black, or a dark brown, could create a nice visual effect in a lightly coloured room.