Blessings on the Sabbath Day

Blessings! We need blessings, right? God pours His blessings more on the Sabbath Day!

The Lord God did not originally intend the blessings of the Sabbath just for any people. He created the day of rest for all humanity because we are all people that have origins in the Lord God Almighty.  Sabbath is essential to man. He works throughout the whole week and he needs rest to rejuvenate and be in the presence of the Almighty. From day one to day six, man is so busy for his living so God set the seventhday of the week as His special day.

God taught the people to make it as a special day in the creation week. God ended His work and He rested on the Seventh day from His creation. The most exciting part here, He blessed and sanctified this day among other days. Other days are good but the seventh day is blessed and sanctified. It is the Lord’s Day where we rest and focus our worship to the Creator of heaven and Earth.

In the Garden of Eden, man needs to set aside his own interests and pursuits for one day of the seven. He must contemplate the works of God and meditate upon His power and goodness.

We need a Sabbath to remind of God and to awaken our gratitude as we enjoyed and possessed everything we have from the beneficent hand of our Creator.

We are created wise. Search the Scripture and learn the truth. Our forefathers serve and worship God on the Seventh Day only some prince and kings change the Seventh Day to Sunday but the Scripture never or have no verse that shows proof that God or Jesus change the seventh day Sabbath to the First Day of the Week. Sunday is Jesus’ resurrection but He never said, ” Remember Sunday and keep it holy.” Never and ever will be because even in heaven Jesus keep the Holy day.