Angry prayers

Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because the truth hurts. I have tried to be part of a family who happens to be my by-logical family. After the death of my father it just seem the family was torn apart. I was seventeen years old when my father passed and had to learn to survive on my own. As a young girl who ended up becoming homeless I didn’t know what to think no more as my siblings were not supportive are the most lovable siblings to connect with. 

I was standing alone and frighten of not knowing the unknown what was gone to happen from one day to the next. With every prayer I have said in silence seem God distance himself from me and further and further away. My angry was so wrapped up around a bundle of lies. “I deserve better than this.” God does not care about me in any form or shape. But when I wised up and surrender my life over to God, my eyes were open to the truth.

When I chosen to cling onto my angry, I became trapped into the world of bitterness that was stopping me from moving forward, So the only cure of recovery from angry problems is the truth. ‘Oh, the truth may hurt and sting for awhile but I rather hear the truth and take my medicine than someone telling me lies that I just want to hear. The truth is that God don’t blessed us what we deserve but bless us with his love and mercy instead. God is a forgiving God, good abounding in love to all who calls upon his name.

The truth is God is more than enough. God is all I needed. He blessed me with wisdom and strength to help me through the storms of life. He protected me from all harm. Despite what I thought or how others thought and what I see. Sometimes we need to step back and turn off the television from hearing all that is aired on the news hearing of others heart-ships and other negative that would bring us down. Majority of news cast who aired the news on the news sometimes isn’t the whole truth. Only hearing what news cast is saying.

So we may have to take a few steps backwards, lay down the remote control and get up and take Jesus hand that extended us in mercy and grace. Get outside and get some fresh air, view the beauty of the sky, of nature and other beauty surround. Lay down your sinful angry and accept His mercy and grace and blessings.