4 tips to become a soccer star

Soccer is most popular sport around the world and this is an oportunity to become a star if you have the skills to play it.

Some countrys like Argentina, Brazil, England, Colombia, Spain, England and recently Mexico have a great “production” of soccer players with potential to become stars in this sport.

US have a fantastic oportunity to develop young players who in  some years could be next Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi because soccer is gaining relevance amog children and the country have the potential to elevate some of them as a soccer star around the world.

Here we give you some tips to you or your child become a soccer star.

Training hard: Soccer players, as almost all athletes, need to dedicate many hours per week to perfection their skills. If you have talent to play soccer, don’t waste it. Improve your skills shooting ball against a wall.

Find a team: If you are a great player but only show it whit your friends on sundays, it’s difficult to become a star. You need to knock doors in many profesional teams that have inferior divisions to show your potential.

Confidence: It’s not easy to be a soccer star because there are a lot of great players, but you need to have confidence in your skills. Many times this is the difference between a good player and a great one.

Create a character: It sounds weird but it’s important that you think about your personality traits you want to highlight. Most important athlets work on it, for example: The “character” of Cristiano Ronaldo is a villaine,  this give him a lot of fans and a lot of heaters, but always is in the center of the controversy. The antithesis of CR7 is Lionel Messi who have the character of the good guy and take advantage to his marketing.