Life Survival and storms

I would describe myself as a fighter to survive. I came along way fighting many storms of life since the age of six years old. My childhood years were nothing I look back to that I want to remember.

Many horrific time of the trauma I had to adore as a child at times I felt I was as Adult trapped in a child’s body. On many occasions I would hide in the attic in the home I lived with my parents when the fighting and arguing would start. I can remember one time where poppa just arrived home late in the morning from being at the horse races all day. He has gambled all the money money away. Mom-ma became so angry.

Living at home as I would describe it was living in chaos every day. Unexplained accidents when poppa had to rushed me to the hospital frequently the doctor was very questionable. Poppa would tell the doctor I was accident prone. There was time I was seven years old when the little brother have tried to knock apples off from an apple tree with a 2X4 with boards intact and I was standing maybe a few feet away from the apple tree and when the brother swung the board the board happen to come down and hit me on top the head busting my head wide open to where I had to be rushed to the hospital.

According to what I was told from family members by the time poppa arrived to the hospital I was unconsciousness. Received a lot of stitches but laid in a coma for three months for the swelling in the brain to go down or heal itself. When I came through the coma I knew nobody and could not remember what happen. A lot of tests were run and the test results came back saying I have now TBI. (Traumatic Brain Injury) I had to learn all over again. How to read, how to write, trying to remember faces, majority of my memories came back but only the horrible bad memories. For the likes of me I could not remember one good memory.

I had horrible child life. The hospital became my second home since I was there more for inexcusable accidents than I was home. It did come down to where I was placed in the care of my grandmother. Suddenly, living with my grandmother I started to remember what I was taught in Sunday school from my Sunday school teacher. The pain and trauma of many life storms I had to experience in life don’t even come close to the pain that Jesus experienced.

Jesus hung naked on the cross. Nails hammered in his hands and feet. Soldiers gave him vinegar when Jesus was thirsty. How the people whipped him and made Jesus carried his cross himself. It is so easy for me to live thanklessly in a world filled with so much hatred, evilness, and sin, a world that is full of trouble, struggles and life storms and woes. On many given days I probably can find many reasons to complain, However, Psalms 100 exhorts that God’s people ought to be happy, joyful, glad, and thankful for it is God the Great creator who created all mankind. We are rightly his, we are his sheep of his pasture.

As we stop and remember who we are and where we came from and who created us. We can respond more in thanksgiving. This world is not gone to last forever. I am the Alpha and the Omega! We are able to remember through our life storms Christ Jesus love and the sacrifice of his atonement of his blood and what he had to go through for he has shown His mercy upon the world through the His work hung on the cross.

I am a fighter, a survivor but I could not have survive the trials and storms of life alone so I am thankful for God being there with me at my side. So don’t let the evilness or brutality of this old weary world take away your thankful heart and blind you with the world darkness. Remember who you are, God’s child. He will give you the strength and wisdom to tackle life storms. You are special in God’s eyes and out of the darkness he will lead you into His wonderful light.