An introduction – Aldrine Tolentino


This is my first post in this site and I’m gonna use it to introduce myself.

I’m Aldrine Tolentino, existing in this cruel world for 20 years now. From Philippines, Laguna to be exact.

Currently I’m taking a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, but I finished an Associate Degree in Computer Science 3 years ago.

I’m a Catholic, but I have this belief that you can be friends with everybody regardless of religion and beliefs, because I have an Atheist friend.

I once considered myself as a bookworm, but that was a long time ago, when e-books are not the trend. Though I still read books but in a form of e-book (it is more cheap and easy to carry). The latest book that I’m reading now is entitled “Another Day” by Mr. David Levithan, it is a sequel of his book titled “Everyday”. You should read that also if you love reading 🙂

I’m a frustrated photographer. Yes, frustrated; because I only use my smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy s3 to shoot pictures, I don’t have a real camera to pursue the hobby. But that makes me call myself a mobile photographer lol. You can check my shots in my instagram account – aldrine.tolentino

I play the guitar, someday I want to have my own kickass band that will play in front of too many people for their enjoyment.

I’m also a casual biker. I use my bike to go to school. Though my bike was stolen last week by some sh***y people. I am now saving money to buy a new one because it promotes love to mother nature and it is an easier form of exercise and it can get you anywhere you want plus it is much cheaper than to ride public transportation right? 🙂

Thanks for reading my not-so-long and not-so-short introduction about myself. I hope we can be good friends here.