9 Qualities in women which will make any guy fall for her!

  • Athletic or sports lover- Guys are very simple to understand. They don’t need much as their preference. Their desires are very low but what they want, they want it very badly. Very usual activities which is loved by a guy is playing in dirt, they love getting dirty, love to play video games and love sports as well. They love to be placed by a supermodel but just to have fun. But what they really want is a sporty one.
  • If she is spontaneous- Guys always gets attracted towards a girl who is somewhere unpredictable. But not so much that the guy couldn’t understand her. Men like women when they do something unexpected. They love women doing childish or sometimes silly things.
  • Girl who is confident about herself- This is very obvious character and I guess everyone knows about this. Guys love those girls who are always confident on their character and image. Those girls who don’t care about others gossip and believe in her. These types of girls are really liked by men.
  • A girl with good sense of humor and understanding- The most appealing traits of a girl is her intelligence and understanding power. Making someone laugh is very great character if one have this truly. Most of the men have good sense of humor and they always want that they find a girl who understand him and also make him laugh.
  • If she is adventurous- have you heard of this quote ‘MEN WILL BE MEN’? Have you ever thought this has been said? I will explain you here. Men are always excited to do something crazy, whatever be their age, there will be a little spark in the corner of their mind to do crazy things. So boys like those girls who don’t shout at small things like looking at cockroach and getting a little dirt on their body or dress.