Absence makes the heart grow fonder, agree or to disagree?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, agree or to disagree? I used to disagree with this when I was much younger, in my teenage years to be exact. I used to think that couples have to be together all or most of the time so that we can get to know each other more and to be used to the lifestyles of each other. My husband is a frequent traveller due to his business needs. I am often alone at my in law’s place while my husband is away.

Friends will ask me if I am bored or why dont I follow my husband around the world during his business trips. Well, I have to say that when he is not around I get to have some personal time, which is not too bad and also we get to think about the things we have done or may not done. My heart grows a little more to him when he is away and the feeling when he is back is totally awesome.  THat way we will still have the spark among us and the term “bored” wont be there.

This happened to one of my friends actually, she was recently married and she is with her husband all the time. It came to her that being with her husband all the time wasn’t exactly how she expected it to be. There were arguments because of disagreements and also differences in the way of life they had. She told me sometimes she got fed up as well. She still loves him of course, but sometimes she would wish that her husband would go for business trips so that she would have some personal time. Her husband is too clingy! I am blessed to have a great husband who respects me when I need a little personal time on my own~