Let Your Puppy Love Go Overboard, Adopt From A Shelter Today!

A cute black and white puppy that is surrounded with hearts.
Adorable puppy with hearts around him.


  Don’t let your new puppy send you overboard!

 You may feel like as ship tossed into a very big storm.  When we glance at social media today we see so many pictures with those adorable photos of other family pets. It’s really difficult to separate those “ah” moments from the reality of pet ownership.

Shelter pets make the best pets, and may need restart just as you would train puppy.

  Be sure and find out what your new pet is eating so that you can have some on hand. Changing foods can cause stomach upsets. If you need to introduce a new food, do it gradually by mixing the two foods. Also get shot records as the vet will need those. You can stock up with a leash, collar, toys, pee pads, and a great cleaner to  clean up those accidents so that they don’t reoccur. Your new friend will need grooming every day, and possibly hair cuts on a biweekly basis. He will also need regular nail trimmings. Your cute puppy then becomes a ton of work.

Our first step is heading off to the animal clinic to make sure that your furry friend is healthy.

  At that point, your new pet will start to need booster shots and an array of tests. Check prices and services offered before you take your puppy love.  Daily, nightly, and when you’re too tired walks will become a must. Upon awakening in the morning, you will find your beloved possessions in wet tatters.  This is when your new pet will need the most absolute love.

Simple commands are the second step in your new dogs education.

Sit, stay, come, down, and lay down are good ones to start with. Remember to have a huge supply of treats to reward good behavior. My pet’s personal favorite is Pupperoni.  You can find it at http://www.pupperoni.com.  Rewarding after successful bathroom runs is also a way to enforce good behaviors. None of these tricks will be an overnight success, because you will both be learning.  Special toys aid in helping to distract your new puppy from things he can’t chew without getting into trouble.  You can never have to much variety as puppies and young dogs have very short attention spans. Substitute the toy when he has something innapropriate.  Until he learns different, be sure to place special items out of reach of your new pet.

Adorable black and white puppy laying next to his chew rope.
Adorable black and white puppy laying next to his chew rope.

The most rewarding feelings of love come from having a puppy that grows into your biggest fan.

If you are patient and loving, you will see bad behaviors turn into good behaviors. I am sure our Creator chose to give puppies that adorable cuteness to get us thru the tough times and onto the great ones. Your family is then blessed with the love and adoration of a family pet.