22. Sunrise Sunset Series

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You may have noticed that not many of the photos in the series are “award winning” shots; that is because I am posting the good and the bad. The “bad” ones are lessons to be learned, that we discuss in Photography 101, the “good” ones come as a result of said discussions.

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To make up the word Count rule, here is an extract from my ebooks, The Chronicles of The Mexican Horse Thief:

The Chronicles IV

He had the habit of coming to the service late, every time. Now considering that we had two a day in the week and up to six on the weekend, that is a lot of times to be late. One of the pastors had had enough and chased him away. When the service was finished a stout cripple guy that had a room with his wife and kid across the way from my dorm came into the room, plus the never seen before house mother, I kid you not. Big performance. He, the cripple guy is some sort of head Pastor, he gave Tony the what for what and Tony swore at him as only a coloured from the Cape Flats could. He told Tony to pack his stuff he was out, only down side to that is I would have to do Tony’s duty that night and it was my day off. It was one of those miserable windy rainy days I have come to hate here in the Cape.