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Done…sort of…

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I am done with that project … well, sort of …

In my previous post I mentioned re-taking pictures of my bookmarks for my Etsy and Scott’s Market Place Shops.

I did that this morning, using my mother’s Ott Light (a lamp of sorts that kind of simulates daylight) and using a lady from Facebook’s advice about taking pictures of the bookmarks with / in books.  That took a while.

Then, I needed to wait until Mom uploaded them (I had to use her camera, since I lost mine some time ago).  She started to, and then came to my room to inform me that she could not believe that I had taken about eighty pictures. ;p  I couldn’t believe it either at first, but I did take pictures of twenty four bookmarks–the front, the back, and one of each of them in a book…and some of the shots I took two or three times. ;p  So, yeah,  after thinking about it I can see where I took at least eighty pictures… 😉

So, I actually wasn’t expecting Mom to upload them all and send them to me today, but she did. ;p  Now comes the task of going through and saving the ones I want/that look best, and after that will come the task of replacing the old pictures of  the bookmarks in my shops with the new ones. Gosh, I hope that they look at least halfway more decent than the ones I have in there now…

So, needless to say, I will be busy this weekend. ;p

Right now, I need to go and  continue uploading the bookmark pictures from the emails that Mom sent into my picture files.

I guess that that means I will be busy the rest of this afternoon, too…


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    Good luck. A little effort can make a huge difference when it comes to selling.

    • I hope so, Carlos! 🙂 I want to transfer the photos in my shop for the new ones today. ;p

    • Oh, my. I just realized that I haven’t downloaded all of the pictures yet. ;p Oh, boy….


    Oh my, that is a big step. I hope you are done downloading by now.

    • Yes, but unfortunately, none of the photos I took turned out very well. Back to the drawing board, I guess…


    Try softer light instead of really bright ones to avoid hi th contrast of shadows. Try to play with the camera angles as well as light angles. Test with one item first and when you get the shot you like you can recreate it again for the others. It may take a while but it is worth the trouble. Good thing we often use digital cameras now.

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