What makes them think to sell 1000$ phone in the US and sell that in such a country

Hi guys. Now it’s afternoon here. Have you ever imagined the cost of living in India. I have always seen tourists coming to India.
I always thought that how do they have this much money to live such a life. But soon realized that truth is always bitter.
As the dollar stands elite to the Indian rupee, the power of the Rupee is low. In America the average monthly expenses extends to 1000$ dollars. Per week food costs 125$. Can you imagine that
1000$ in India is equal to 60000 rupees whereas the average cost of living in India is 6000rupees. So in India the cost of living extends to 100-150$.

So even visiting Inida won’t make them more costly. Internet bill in Inida also something to watch out for. In US the bill cost 150$ which is just 15% of their overall expense. But in India the bill cost almost 1000rs for an unlimited package. That is almost to20%. It was okay if they gave some speed. But the thing is that they give only a slow internet for us. Can you believe that in US the speed is almost 25MBps whereas in India Unlimited pack has 125KBps speed. This is just weird. Every gadget is  purchased by Americans, whether it is poor or rich. They’re a 1000$ phone never matters them. But why these companies sell phones of that costs at that price where the living cost is less than almost 90% place. It is something to look out for.

I prefer that TRAI should amend all their existing plans and should provide internet access at very low cost and high speed. The speed of unlimited BSNL packs should be raised from 125KBps to 4-5MBps so that it benefits all its users.

You all must know that before Telecom company provided inetrnet packs at 17rs unlimited for 3 days. But after the TRAI’s arrival it reduced to 100mb t 29rs for 3days.