Trying this again with new pictures…









I have two craft shops–one on and one on Scott’s

Since my shops have opened, I only have made one sale on each, and since it’s been a few months, I wondered what all I was doing wrong.

So, I joined a couple of Facebook Etsy groups (there were none for Scott’s MarketPlace).  On one recently I explained I wasn’t making sales, and asked if someone could please look at my shop and give me some advice.  One lady said that my pictures could be clearer (I thought they were fine, but…?).

So, today I went and, using my mother’s Ott Light (a light that simulates daylight) I retook pictures of all whatever-teen of my bookmarks, including using someone else’s suggestion to take pictures of them with/in books, so people would get more of an idea what they were for (though I have “bookmark” right there in the title and the description, but whatever helps).

I think part of the problem may be my mother’s camera, which I never thought took  very good quality pictures, but…who knows.

I have to wait until my mother uploads the pictures and sends them to me to see how they turned out.  I hope they’re okay.   If they are okay, I’ll then change all of the pictures in both my Scott’s Market Place and Etsy shops and hope that it helps me make some sales. ;p

I suppose that I wouldn’t know unless I tried.

Does anyone out there have an online store — be it on Etsy or some other venue? I would love to know what you do with your pictures, particularly if they are handmade things of some sort.  Do you take your pictures inside or outside?  What do you use for lighting?

I’m looking forward to answers if anyone has any !