The reasons that may block your Facebook account

Hey friends ,Hope you’re well. Today I discuss about a new topic with you. Your Facebook profile may sometimes be blocked. That time you can not send a friend request. Can not chat with friends. But, why your profile is blocked, the reason may be unfamiliar to you. Actually Facebook has some guide lines, if you break it for any reason your profile may be blocked. It may be for a week or a month. Sometimes the profile may be deleted. So find out exactly why the Facebook profile is blocked.
So, let’s discuss about the reason of Facebook Block

1. Do not write Aggressive status or messages to other in Facebook that you feel that you are threats to anyone.
2. For new user in Facebook, do not send excessive friend request in a day.
3. If the same messages are posted to different groups or the pages on the same day your account may be blocked.
4. If you post same tune on your own Facebook wall in multiple times Facebook can block your account thinking as spam.
5. If you Like the fan pages on multiple times in everyday you will be given a warning from Facebook.
6. Do not tune pornography videos, obscene content or pornographic photos.
7. Do not open accounts in the name of a celebrity. If he/she complaint about you so that your account will block by Facebook.
8. If you open an account in the name of your pet dog or any animal, then your account will be Block.
9. If you think that you use your account for your organization’s ads, then you think is wrong. Thus, if you use any of the account, the account will be canceled.
10. Also, if you open fake Facebook accounts and post a lot of boring tag, if Facebook can identify you so your account will block.

So friends no more today. See you next when I Share a new topic with you. Keep with me and technology.