Sewing is an Art

Not to many people sits behind a sewing machine and create their own clothes anymore. I believe sewing is a very creative way to learn to save money in learning to create your own clothing. 

Have you seen the clothing on the market these days? Not much out there anymore to my liking to my taste. I believe someone who has the knowledge to learn to use a sewing machine or other ways of means to be creative as a seamstress is very artistic and can save money.

I learned how to sew when I was in my early teenage years. My grandma use to make my dresses growing up. Now I am not as good as my grandmother but making mistakes helps me to learn as I go. I have made a few quilts and Christmas stockings for Veterans. I also have made a few skirts of my own to wear church.  I watch Project Runway, love the show but I know I will never be as good and creative as lot of the designers that are chosen to be on the show.

Many of designers travels from all over the place. I am big fan of Mr. Dunn. He makes the show. As for the judges I am not a big fan of the man they are so harsh but I suppose the designers has to accept their comments and feedback that is what makes them to work harder and be productive in growing in becoming a better designer. I have thought one day I would love to be a guest on Project Runaway for it be an honor to meet Mr. Dunn in person. 

Back to sewing, I strongly believe that learning the concepts of the art of sewing it has to be your passion to want to learn all you can to be able move forward in following your dream to become a talent designer.  I am just a sewer even though I have learn to sew in my younger years I could never afford to go to further my education to learn to become a designer to make it my profession. I sew as a hobby and for my family and friends.

Have learned about many kinds of material from watching many episodes of Project Runway. Project Runway is aired on Thursday at nine”O’clock eastern time to find out more when it is aired in your area have to research on the net. Take a piece of plain material and to turn it into a project is amazing and educational.