Windows movie maker 2016 Download for windows 10

Hi friends today i  write about most search keyword in .Everyday many people search for Movie Maker online. But we can not find any easy and free Movie Maker online.So today i write about most popular Movie Maker for Windows. You know about Windows Movie Maker. Today I write some important history or tips that will help to get any idea about Windows Movie Maker.

Download Microsoft Windows movie maker
Download Microsoft Windows movie maker

Download windows movie maker 2016 for windows 10


It was originally created for Windows computer in response to the popular “movies “Apple.

In early 2006, version 2.1 released, included in Windows XP SP2. Currently, the version included in Windows Vista is the latest. Windows Movie Maker is replaced by Windows Live Movie Maker in Windows 7 and Windows 8 through Movie Maker.

In December 2008, the site Windows Live launches Windows Live Movie Maker, which incorporates more or less the same functionality as the versions of Movie Maker included in Windows XP and Windows Vista. This new software, more dynamic, offers different features and evolves as versions of the Windows Live suite.


Windows Movie Maker is pretty basic software, but it can create special effects, transitions, add text, sound tracks, timeline, and Auto Movie snores. On catches can also cut the video. It is practical and simple video editing software.

File formats

Windows Movie Maker natively supports video formats WMV, MPEG, MTS, AVI, DVR-MS and ASF. As for audio formats, it supports WMA, MP3, WAV, MIDI, AIFF and AU.

Concerning the registration of arrangements made, he offers only WMV and DV -AVI (video camcorders). A project can be registered as WLMP on Windows Vista and above and MSWMM on Windows XP. These two formats are not compatible with each other.

Creating videos

It is easy to create videos with this software. Indeed, it is enough to import some images and music and then to assemble the videos by applying effects or transitions chosen from the few tens that are proposed. One can also add subtitles or caption on the images. At the end of editing, it remains to publish the film on his computer or by sending it directly by e-mail. You cannot burn a DVD and the program has compatibility problems with some CD burners. It is however possible to burn to a DVD after recording the clip on the computer via specific burning software (Nero type). The mounts will then be readable also on a DVD player of living room.

However, WMM is unfit to handle fast bursts or large files. The program is very often unable to manage its own functionality on a home computer.

In addition, the version for Windows XP is not compatible with versions for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Effects and transitions

Windows Movie Maker can add many effects to video (sepia, black and white, etc. In addition, many video transitions are applicable between the different images: page, melted, broken, turn etc.

Download windows movie maker 2016 for windows 10