Working for a cleaning company!

I have been working for a cleaning company for about 9 months. This company is very big at the moment and is still growing. Being a cleaner is not my dream job but it does pay the bills.  There are good things and bad things about being a cleaner and working for this company.


  1. Some people do not respect the job and look down on you.
  2. You and get very dirty
  3. The pay is not great.
  4. Some times there are no jobs at all for me to pick up.
  5. You have to buy and carry around all of your supplies
  6. It is very hard on your body
  7. Traveling to different location all the time
  8. Not knowing if you are walking into a dangerous situation.
  9.  This job is not reliable. customers can cancel at any time.
  10. Some customers may want you to use products that you do not have
  11.  It hurts your self esteem


  1. I can make my own schedule and work at any time of day.
  2. The jobs are quick and can be done fast if its not to bad and you have a rhythm
  3.  Sometimes you get tips and some customer are generous

When i look at the pros and cons, the cons definitely out weight the pros. I guess it looks like i need a new job. The only problem is i need the flexibility. In my family there are quite a few cleaners. My grandfather has his own company and my father has done janitorial jobs. Now my sister and me work for the same cleaning company. She also feels unhappy doing this work.  I think its  up to her and i to break this cycle. We do not what the next generation of our family doing the same thing.