10 Sure Methods To Stop Affairs In Relationship!

It is the order of the day! I am reffering to extra-marital affairs. Marriage institution is not held with the respect and being sacred as it should be. As the husband is involved in a string of escapades, the wife takes the opposite direction in extra-marital affairs. There are so many reasons as to why the above occurs but I sum it in two ways. Humans being experimental, they do this in extra-marital affairs. The second reason is dissatisfaction  in marriages. We can avoid these by the following Of these 10 simple steps.

  1. Love your spouse as you have never loved before. This will surely stop you from looking at others. Women  as the same as men should embrace this in their relationship.
  2. Have proper communication in your relationship as this will ensure proper delivery and thus detect what worries the other.
  3. When with an opposite sex who is not your spouse one should avoid private areas. Your chat should be limited to business.
  4. Never take a person who is not your spouse on lunch dates.
  5. Avoid smiling carelessly to members of the opposite sex.
  6. Frequently move out with your spouse, hold hands and chat happily together.
  7. Never keep secrets from your spouse.
  8. Always call each other at intervals if one is away. Do not keep distance from them  for long.
  9. Ensure you satisfy each other when it comes to bed matters. That is one area where most problems erupt.
  10. Never keep your ex as a substitute for your spouse.


These simple steps will surely assist spouses from having affairs  in relationship. If one cannot control oneself it is advisable to seek counseling. Marriage beds should always be kept holy so that God our father may be happy with us. When God is happy then likewise your spouse and others are happy. Happiness is the key in any relationship.