What are some easy recipes to make paneer dishes?

These simple yet classy paneer recipe collections from starters to the main course to desserts would definitely help you to cook something extraordinary out of making your routine food. Here are the ten best easy-to-cook paneer dishes comprising palak paneer recipes that will tickle your taste buds for sure.

Paneer Tikka

In Indian restaurants, Paneer Tikka is the most ordered vegetarian appetizer or starter. This dish is prepared using marinated Indian cheese in spiced yogurt and then grilled. Traditionally, tikkas are grilled in a clay tandoor oven, which infuses a smoky essence to the grilled paneer. However, at home, you can replicate this recipe by grilling it in an oven or on a pan.

Paneer 65

This dish is a moderately spiced, crispy, and delicious appetizer prepared by tossing crisp cubed paneer in tempering curry leaves, spices, and curd. This recipe is an adaptation of a famous South Indian dish, namely chicken 65. Paneer 65 is a lip-smacking starter with an exclusive curry leaf aroma.

Chilli Paneer

This Indo-Chinese dish is an immensely popular recipe prepared by tossing crispy paneer in hot chili garlic and sweet and sour sauce. This is a perfect side dish with hakka noodles. However, this dish offers three variations such as dry, semi-dry, and gravy chili paneer. You can grill, shallow fry, or pan fry this recipe.

Paneer Biryani

Paneer Biryani is a dum-style layered food item where the paneer is marinated well and cooked on low flame to unveil the flavors of rice, herbs, and spices. At the bottom of a pot, the marinated paneer is layered with partially cooked rice (usually basmati rice). Add some coriander and saffron milk to the top. Seal the pot and cook it. It will be ready in 1 hour.

Paneer Butter Masala

It is the most popular Indian wedding dish. This item is made by cooking the paneer in a creamy, silky, smooth, and flavorful curry. Its butter masala gravy requires tomatoes, onion, several spices, herbs, cashew nuts, and lots of butter. This recipe has been a show-stopper for its astounding taste.

Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer can be easily prepared by adding paneer to rich spinach gravy made with onion, ginger-garlic paste, tomatoes, herbs & spices, and yogurt. This colorful vibrant recipe is a must-try at home. This recipe is nutritious as well with the presence of Vitamin A, B6, calcium, and many more.

 Matar Paneer

It’s a famous North Indian recipe made with green peas. This simple yet appetizing dish can be prepared by adding paneer and peas into a tomato-onion gravy. Matar paneer could palpitate your taste buds instantly with its spicy aroma.

Shahi Paneer

Shahi paneer recipe is acquainted with Mughlai cuisine. This shahi term indicates rich or royal. To prepare this dish, aromatic, creamy, and rich ingredients such as seeds, nuts, and spices are used. Most of the paneer recipes demand a tomato curry base but this recipe does not. Indian curd is used for this delicacy to add a mild tangy flavor.


It is the most popular Indian dessert in West Bengal made purely with paneer or chenna. Tiny balls are made after milk curdles are completely drained. Rasgullas are boiled in cardamom flavored hot sugar syrup until spongy and puffed. To make perfect rasgullas you have to knead the chenna/paneer for quite a long time.

Paneer Malpua

A luscious Indian dessert, Malpua is a famous, pancake-like dessert mainly from North India which is typically prepared on special occasions and festivals. This recipe is made with khoya and paneer. Paneer Malpua is not only delicious but also a healthful dessert. Here sugar syrup adds a majestic taste.

Most of the paneer recipes, including the palak paneer recipe, are quick and unchallenging and go extremely well with rice, naan, rotis, or parathas. The best part is paneer cuisines are also tasty and creamy. Go on and try all of these dishes to impress your family and friends.