The weather is not good today

It is already 5:20 pm here in Surigao city, Philippines but still the rain showers heavily and I am so disappointed because I can’t go outside. I have a plan tonight to go out with my friends and visit the boulevard and unfortunately we can’t go there if and only the rain would stop before the time we have planned.

It is understandable since it is the start of the rainy season of our country from the month of July, August to Ber months (September, October, November and December). So expected it would rain on that duration and so the flu will be evident and other sickness and cause so many problem especially to the children.

This rain starts since early in the morning , even though it is not a typhoon or some sort of Inter-tropical convergence zone, it is was unusual since it has nothing to do with it, but still this can kind of weather triggers the day. I haven’t still washed my clothes since I can’t dry it either because of today’s situation and so I will just wait for another day to come for me to do my laundry and hoping it will be a good weather ahead.

When I take a look on the windows, I have seen children playing while it is raining, and I have feel nostalgic since I have experienced that kind of moment when I was there age. Despite this bad weather, I have some bond with my family through watching television and also have a hot chocolate milk.

Heavy Downpour --- Image by © Anthony Redpath/Corbis
Heavy Downpour — Image by © Anthony Redpath/Corbis