I am planning to enter photography

I am now starting to watch youtube videos related to photography. I think it is not that easy to be a professional photographer. There’s a  lot to consider and you should be familiar and understand terms such as aperture, depth of field, f-stop, rule of thirds and other photography terms that we usually hear when talking about photography.

There’s also different techniques on how to capture an image or view. There’s a proper position, angle and lighting that you should also consider. Amateur photos can be distinguished from professional looking photos. Sometimes you also need to have a wild imagination in taking photos. You should clearly know to yourself how do you want the picture to appear. And you should also know what your subject is. Part of the techniques are to make the background blurred but not all the time.

If you don’t have a camera yet, there’s also a lot to choose from, which can be a mind boggling. You should have knowledge on the specifications of cameras. Well usually if you want to practice photography, you should buy a Digital Single-Lens Reflex or DSLR camera because the key features of learning photography are there. Once you get familiar with your camera, you should keep on taking photos and learn from it using different settings.

By having a DSLR camera, you will be having photos in good quality which can make you earn some cash. Online, I have learned that you can sell your photos in stock photos websites. That is what I am planning to achieve.

By the new few months I will be buying a DSLR and hoping that I can fulfill my photography skills and benefit from it. I believe that photography is a great skill to have.