innovative useful society device

Useful and Innovative Things in Society

Innovative things in life

I often think about how life is and why we have so many innovative things. But on second thoughts, they all seem to be fruits of evolution more than anything else. However, we should spend some time thinking about the blessings we have and so here we tie those blessings in this article.

Cupboards: Yes, I lived in a house where there was just one cupboard. We had to place everything on the floor. There was a loft but we could not lift everything up and place them there. This is perhaps the reason why I put this on top of the list of useful things in society. Cupboards formed out of the need to get more space. It just ‘piled up’ let us say and there it was. Put a slab or two on two vertical supports and you have ample storage space.

Keep the feet secure

Slippers: I could not imagine living without slippers either. These are designed to protect the feet. Any piece of cloth or tough material like rubber (of course) or leather that sits comfortably on the feet will suffice. Early man created protection for his feet so that he could hunt or walk for miles without grievous injury. I imagine that in the absence of roads or paved surfaces, travel must have been difficult. The path must have been strewn with stones and thorns, to say the least. You will not get far if you do not admit that the slipper is an useful and innovative device in our society.

Shut the door

Doors: I guess you can really go to town with this device. The doors open the world to us and keep the elements of the weather out. Every house must have a door. Even cavemen devised some sort of protective device to shut out the cold and heat.

So, there you have it. These are the things that make my day go bang. How about you?