Foods that may help lower high blood pressure

We all know that high blood pressure is nothing to ignore. First, it can cause headaches. They are no fun. Secondly, if ignored, high blood pressure can lead to heart issues and strokes. This can lead to major health issues and even death. Yes, medication can help lower high blood pressure. Yet, life choices can also help lower it naturally. This can include eating certain foods and exercises. Some of the foods that one may add to their diets to help lower high blood pressure, according to sources like and include the following.

Fish like salmon is high in Omega 3 fatty acids is the ideal choice for lowering blood pressure. Other choices include trout and herring. One should strive to eat fish twice a week to lower their blood pressure and to obtain other health benefits

Vegetables And Fruits High In Potassium and Magiusium

Vegetables and fruits that are high in potassium and magnesium are the best choices for lowering blood pressure. Those that are also high in fiber are ideal because they will help keep you fuller longer and will help keep your digestive tract running smoothly. Some examples of these fruits and vegetables include: apples, apricots, carrots, green beans, grapes, oranges, tomatoes, spinach, potatoes, raisins, sweet potatoes, and tangerines.

Whole Grain Foods

Examples of some whole grain foods that are good at lowering blood pressure include whole grain breads, cereals and rice. These can be incorporated in most meals and even some snacks.

If one can add more of these items to their daily food list and lower their amounts of sodium, as well as their added sugar intake, with time their blood pressure should lower. Of course, exercise and limiting stress an also help them meet this goal quicker.

Featured image is credited from Pixabay.