Types of Stationary You Need for Your New Business

You’ll have to get the word out to other people, whether you have a small, medium, or large business. You can never have too many customers. Thus, you must always make efforts to market and promote yourself. Printed materials are still golden when it comes to promotions. These are four printed items that are a must-have if you want to expand your popularity.

Business Cards

Business cards are the number one products you should ask a Denver print company to make for you. You can purchase business cards in packs of several hundred so that you can get the word out about what you do. Take the time to create a fashionable design that has your mission statement and contact information on it. Then, you can promote yourself by leaving a business card everywhere you go.


Brochures are for people who are already interested in your products and services but need much more information to decide. You can use brochures in your office, or you can post them up online for people who want to research you. These are essential to have because they provide in-depth information for your prospective customers. Many businesses use brochures to showcase their work or display their menu items. You can also get creative with brochures and make them highly attractive to your potential customers. It would be wise to talk to a professional about creating a package that works for you.


Flyers may seem as if they’re old-school promotional items, but they still work. People still go to coin-driven laundromats. They still get in and out of their cars, and some people still look at the information on light poles. Therefore, you should not omit flyers from your collection of promotional items. You can place your flyers in places where you can’t place business cards, such as display cases. They’re much bigger than cards and easier for people to see as they walk by. You can even add to their flair by using neon colors that grab people’s attention. An experienced graphic artist can help you come up with items that dazzle the crowd.


Postcards are another stationary item you won’t want to miss. You can use these for your snail mail campaign. They’re also good to have around if you want to show appreciation to some of your existing clients. You can use postcards on the holidays and on your clients’ birthdays. That will make them feel special and like they’re important to your company’s success. Honestly, they are, and you should let them know every chance you get. The more personable you are with your customers, the more unsolicited referrals you’ll get from them. Think about it.

Now you know exactly what you need to get the ball rolling for your business. You can now contact a reliable print company in Denver and consult with one of the experts about the products you need for your business venture. You’ll be glad you invested time and money in your success.