3 Fascinating Entertainment Law Cases Featuring John Branca Attorney

Entertainment law can be particularly fascinating as the plaintiffs and defendants are often well-known and widely loved or disliked. Major musicians, actors, and other prominent artists need entertainment lawyers to represent them in all types of situations, from signing a record deal to handle being sued for potential copyright infringement. Thankfully, experienced lawyers like John Branca age 70 know how to handle these types of lawsuits. Here are three of the most interesting entertainment law cases throughout history featuring a clip of John Branca attorney.

1. Batman, Turkey

The famous Batman franchise has been active for over 80 years, but that didn’t stop the mayor of Batman, Turkey, from suing Christopher Nolan and Warner Brothers in 2008 for using the city’s name without permission. Huseyin Kalkan alleged that the franchise has been harmful to the town, causing all kinds of problems ranging from unsolved murders to female suicide rates. Further investigation suggested that the high rate of suicides in Batman is due to the unfortunate trend of honor suicides, where women are shamed into killing themselves over perceived societal transgressions.

2. Blurred Lines

This 2015 case against Pharrell Williams, Robin Thicke, and T.I. ruled that the trio owed damages to Marvin Gaye’s estate because of similarities between their song “Blurred Lines” and Gaye’s “Gotta Give It Up.” This case was set to be the highest payout ever for a case of its kind at $7.3 million in damages. Eventually, this payout was reduced to $5.3 million. This is one of the most prominent cases of its kind in the last decade.

3. Wade Robson and Michael Jackson’s Companies

One of the biggest news stories in recent years is the sexual abuse allegations Wade Robson made against Michael Jackson and his companies. His lawsuit was first filed in 2013 but was initially dismissed because of the statute of limitations in California. In 2015, the popular documentary Leaving Neverland presented Wade’s story, and his case was revived in 2020 after California changed its laws. The case was eventually dismissed again, this time with the judge ruling Jackson’s companies were not responsible for any alleged abuse. The clip below featuring John Branca attorney shows the confidence of Jackson’s legal team.

Entertainment law can be fascinating and covers a wide variety of cases. These cases are often well-known, adding an extra challenge for the lawyers who have to navigate their cases along with the court of public opinion.