Why You Should Move Your Business to Denver

If you are a business owner, you should consider moving your business to Denver, Colorado. There are many cities in the US to start or transfer an existing business. However, Denver commercial real estate, weather, and recreational activities are just some things that make this city an ideal choice for entrepreneurs.

Connect With Other Business Owners

Do you need a mentor or want to befriend other trailblazers? The city hosts the largest free networking event on the continent known as Denver Startup Week. More businesses are relocating to Denver from places such as Silicon Valley. Here is a list of just some of a few of the established companies that have either relocated to or opened an office in Denver:

  • Slack – 2nd headquarters is in the city
  • Gusto
  • Facebook
  • Xactly
  • Maxar Technologies
  • Zoom
  • Guild Education
  • Lockheed Martin

Strong Tech Culture

As you can tell from the above list ( which only represents a small sample), Denver has attracted many tech-based companies and professionals. If you need someone to build a website, an app, or help with SEO marketing for your business, you won’t have a problem hiring someone in Denver.

Unlike other tech hot spots in the country, Denver has a lower cost of living.

Tax Season Will Make You Smile

At tax time, your corporation’s tax rate is a mere 4.63%. Regardless of income level, all residents pay a flat-rate state income tax rate of 4.63% as well.

There is Plenty of Office Space

You will have your pick of the lot if you need a brick and motor office space. Current occupancy rates are low in local commercial properties. While rental rates have risen over recent years, the cost is still much lower than in New York or San Francisco.

Easy to Make Travel Connections

Denver is ranked #12 for transportation in the country. It is very bikeable and is ranked as the 16th most walkable city in the nation.

Its international airport has garnered several awards and has high rankings, such as :

  • 5th busiest in the US
  • 4th Best in North America
  • The largest airport in North America – by land area
  • Second largest airport in the world

Great Place For Recreation

Whether you want to go to a Broncos football game or participate in sports yourself, Denver has an exhaustive list of activities to keep you and potential recruits busy. Fill your weekends (or team building events) with skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, museum visits, walks in the park, and more.

Want to grab a beer after your long hike – no problem. There are more microbreweries per capita than in any other city. Of the 55 microbreweries in the metro area, 50 of them have been nominated for awards. Unless your company is 100% remote, you will need to rent or buy office space. Check here for more questions about your Denver Commercial Real Estate needs.