One Place

There is only one place that you and I can survive and that is the planet called Earth.

Whether we accept it or not our existence here on this planet is only for this place, the one place we can only live, enjoy and later die there’s no other.

We can’t survive outside our planet. We’ve seen a lot of documentary, film, talking about living in another world which is not suitable for us. As far as I can see we are destined here, we can’t go beyond our planet. Our minds can go beyond our own foolishness but in reality we are bound here and here alone.

We may be perceptive but we are limited to everything.

We are still exploring for another habitation that we can live with it but we are far away from being into fruition. It will take maybe another lifetime to find one, if, and only if that is possible. But, we are still here in a world where diseases, pollution, crime, terrorism are right at our doorstep!

We may never know how to cope up with our present condition but if we continue to destroy our One Place we live in, generations upon generations who will inherit this wonderful creation will never had a chance to see the magnificent wonders and awesome glory we inhabit!

Perhaps one day this unique place we have will heal itself and once more give its former glory and to live in full again, of course I will not be here any more but for those who will remain here will benefit from it!

Whether there’s global warming, we are always responsible for our actions. When we throw something toxic /lethal in the river, ocean or even in the protected areas like forest tree or wild life they will be greatly affected by it because a waste is still a waste and surely it will return to us via air, water or even food with much danger and sometimes can be harmful to our health.

We only have One Place to live, we have to take care of it.


JWRG 2015
Photo Credit: PIXABAY