To Twerk or Not To Twerk

My reaction upon seeing a YouTube video of a woman twerking was a mixture to OMG and WTF and some other indescribable feelings.  It was a dance step I am not ready to see.  What is amazing (or disturbing) is that even children know about it and even try to do it.  But many say that this is the modern days and the old guys like me are still locked in the Jurassic era.  By the way I am  just 39.

When Dirty Dancing hit the theaters my parents raised a brow or two about the promiscuity they thought was depicted in the dance.  Do not get me started when they saw Lambada and how erotic it can be.  I never thought I would be shocked as they did when I saw the twerking video.

Sometimes the definition of art is skewed depending who sees it. Suffice to say, I do not consider it as a dance.  It is more like a private show you’d see in a bachelor’s party.  Sad to say it has taken on the internet high way and is now a mainstream dance move.  There are even videos teaching people how to do this dance move.

i am not one that judges people for their art or self expression.  I have to hand it to these people who can Twerk.  They have control of their bodies very well.  And  the physical demands to make this move happen is just phenomenal.  However, this is not something I consider within my taste of dancing.

The provocative nature of the dance is too explicit for my taste.  I just wonder what dance moves will be the trend in the future.  I just hope they keep it artistic and clean.  There are many intimate dance moves in the past.  But twerking seems to be too explicit for me.

Would you Twerk?