How to remove plaque from your teeth!!

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Today i want to share something related to your health. I hope you all know what is plaque. Plaque is sticky substance which stick to our teeth. Plaque causes unhealthy gums and bad smell from mouth. We need to stop the plaque build up as soon as possible. Plaque usually caused when we eat carbohydrates food like chocolates, candy, sugar, cake, milk, soft drinks, etc. Plaque also causes many gum diseases. If plaque is developing without any cure in your mouth, you can notice the symptoms like bleeding gums, bad breath, tender gums, tooth ache, loose teeth, swollen gums, mouth sores.
Today i want to share some tips to remove plaque from your teeth and stop its build up.

1- BRUSH REGULARLY- You should brush your teeth regularly at least twice a day, that is after lunch and dinner. You should brush your teeth for sure after dinner before going to sleep. Use soft rounded bristles brush for your teeth and a good toothpaste.

2- FLOSS DAILY- Flossing is a good habit but not everyone does this. Brushing is not enough t clean your mouth. Brush doesn’t reaches everywhere in the mouth but plaque reaches everywhere so you need to floss daily so the the food particles get removed from between the teeth where brush can’t be reached.

3- EAT RIGHT- We all know that some foods are the cause of plaque build up so its very necessary to avoid such types of food which increases the probability of growing plaque. So avoid those carbohydrate food and take a balance diet and nutritious foods like yogurt, cheese, etc.

From the above provided tips or ways, i just want to help people who are suffering from plaque. I just hope that these above tips will be helpful for you all.