Downpour a moment ago

A moment ago, as I sat here at my desk, it was pouring in rain.  I would sure nice to hear the downpour, but sadly, it only lasted for a few minutes. 🙁  I can still hear cars in the street going through puddles.

Here in California where I live, we have been in a drought situation for four years.  They talk about “El Nino” possibly ending the drought, and then “experts” say it is unlikely to erase the drought.   I don’t know about weather forecasting or anything, but I was glad to hear the downpour of rain earlier today.

There are still all kind of rules (some different rules in different places here in California) about how people can use their water: how much they can use, what time they can use it and things of that nature.  Thankfully, the rules aren’t too tight in the area where I live, but we’ve still tried to conserve a bit where we can.

Other people here in California are evidently doing a good job trying to save water, too. According to :

December 1, 2015 — Californians have reduced water use by 27.1 percent in the five months since emergency conservation regulations took effect in June, continuing to meet Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.’s 25 percent mandate despite a decline in the statewide water-savings rate for October.

So, that is how things stand here at the moment.  If you live in California, what have you been trying to do in order to save some water?

Even though as far as the drought goes it probably didn’t do any good as far as alleviating it, It was still nice to hear that downpour of rain we got here earlier.  Sigh…it’s too bad that it didn’t last just a little bit longer.