Tips on bonding with your new kitty

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A dog wags his tail and we assume he is happy. A cat wags her tail and we are at a loss why. If she purrs we know she is content and happy. But her other actions have us at a lost. Cats are wonderful and mysterious creatures. However, we must unlock the mysteries of her mannerisms to understand her moods, especially when she is a new feline friend. This makes it harder to bond with her, yet not impossible.

According to the site, Pets.webmd, a cat will begin to learn her social skills between the ages of 2 and 9 weeks old. The better her social interactions are with humans the better her skills will be when it comes to communicating with them. However, many cats do not have good interactions with humans. This can cause a stunt in their communication growth.

Once you become acquainted with a kitty, you should try to begin communicating with her. The best way is through the act of petting and holding the cat. If this is not possible, try talking in a soothing tone and playing with the cat with toys or laser toys. Hopefully, you can work up to petting it and holding it.

When you first get a new kitty, you may have a challenge getting it accustomed to its new home. Cats hate change. For this reason, it will take her time to get use to the new home and possible new masters. Slowly, show her where her bed is, her food and her litter box. Allow her the freedom of getting to know and smell the house. Talk to her in a calm and soft voice as she getting used to her new home. Give her time to explore and time to feel like she belongs.
If you are bringing a new person into her space and home, give her time to get used to this person before they move into the house. Give them time to know each other and spend time together. Allow her time to smell this person and time to see that his person isn’t bad. Also don’t expect her to give up all of her rights just because this new person entered the household. You should also teach this person how to play with her.
The most important things to remember when it comes to bonding with a kitty is:
Always be patient. Remember cats are stubborn. You just need to be more stubborn than they are.

:Never spank or swat at a cat. You can raise your voice in a stubborn manner and say the word no in a firm tone.
:If you remember and practice these bonding techniques, soon you will have a friend for life. You will also have a friend, who can be just as faithful as a dog.

Note: This writer once has an adorable kitty, who came to her as full-grown adult kitty from a shelter. She was a shy kitty, at first. Now the kitty followers her around like a little guard dog and friend.

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