Childminder’s Guide to Helping Children Organize Their Room

Being a childminder involves a wide range of skills and responsibilities. As a professional, you need to be able to effectively communicate with children and encourage their physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. Childminders also need to ensure the proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Teaching organizational habits is crucial part for the kid’s learning process. Organizing tasks are useful for building child’s motor skills, as well as for stimulating their analytical abilities. Usually, it’s up to parents to discuss chores like cleaning the room with their kids, but a childminder can contribute as well.  Here are a couple of ways you can help children to become more organized.

Childminder Guide To Helping Children Organize Their Room3

Turn It into a Game

Even the most tedious tasks like efficiently cleaning and organizing the room can become interesting, if properly approached.  Playing allows children to use their creativity and imagination. This is how the kids interact and engage in the surrounding world. One of the benefits of playing is that it provides opportunity for children to practice adult roles.  That is why it is better to turn organizing into a game. For example, you can make a competition to see who will collect more toys and put them back on their place. The cleaning chores can easily become a quest for finding and organizing misplaced items. You have infinite options. Just make it fun!

Set a Positive Example

Children either mimic or renounce the types of behaviour they observe. Since you are spending a lot of time with the kids, you have certain influence on them. Be a positive example. If the child sees your conscious effort to be organized, they will understand the importance of keeping a place neat. After playing, do the cleaning together. If you are taking care of young children, show them how to tackle the specific tasks.

Childminder Guide To Helping Children Organize Their Room2


Setting an example alone is not enough. Kids tend to generate a lot of chaos and will find it hard to stick with their organizing habits for long. You should provide constant guidance. First, you need to set clear and age – appropriate goals.  Divide the process in different steps to make it more comprehensible. Explain them how to deal with the particular chore. Constantly offer support and recognize the child’s efforts.

Make Organizing Easy

Think from the child’s perspective. Does the set up of their room allows them effectively organize the place? Do they have enough storage space?  Do they need to place an item in a hard-to-reach area? Get to their level and see what works for their height.  The boring plastic bins and containers can become a great DIY project. Get some paper, glue and glitter give these dull storage solutions a make-over.

Organizing is not only a practical skill to teach a child. The kid will feel more competent and confident as they know how the stuff is done.