Time for bed…

SleepIt is time for me to say good night.

I am pretty tired, so it is time for bed.  I am really glad about what I was able to accomplish today, and thankful that it’s time to rest and regain the strength to get some things done tomorrow.

It is interesting to think, that as I am preparing to go to sleep, other people who read this are just getting up and starting their day, and by the same token, when they go to bed, I am just getting up.

Speaking of beds, my Mother bought my dog Angel a new one while she was out today, as the one Angel had was getting pretty beaten up.  Even though she seemed to like it, though–she is doing what she always does–which is get up on my bed and go to sleep !   I often have to coax her down off of it with a treat or something so that I can get in it myself. ;p  At least she makes it warm. 😉  Many times she will sleep towards the head  and put her head on my pillow.  Silly (spoiled rotten) dog.

After I post this, I am going to go and get a treat or two so that Angel will smell them and get down to get them.   Thankfully, she has not gotten back onto my bed after she eats her treats (as she has been known to do in the past) lately.

Tomorrow here in California, USA it will be Friday, so Mom and I will go out and do our grocery shopping.

So, whatever time it may be for you in your part of Sky Pip land, I wish you good night/ morning/ evening/ et cetera from California, and I hope to “see” you again when it is morning again here!