Clash of Kings As My Stress Reliever?

I like to say that Clash of Kings is my stress Reliver.  But after some introspection, that statement is just to justify the amount of time I spend playing it.  Of course it helps me unwind by setting castles ablaze or defeating monsters.  But the truth is, this game (and apparently many other app games) are addictive.  Just several months back I had to delete my Asphalt 8 game app.  It was really taking much of my time.  It took me a while before I finally pressed delete.  And it was emancipation.

Now, I am hooked on Clash Of Kings.  Although I started 2 weeks ago, I am now the head of my alliance.  I increased its power from around 600,000 to almost 2 million.  Obviously I am really spending time with this.  Will I delete this like what I did to Asphalt 8?  Well it remains to be seen.  Unlike the other game app, I can simply go online a couple of minutes set things in the kingdom and go back to reality.  This allows me to sp no more time with my daughter, do other relaxing activities and more importantly, keep me from being addicted to it.

Reliving stress is an important part of one’s life.  Unless we relax and just chill, the problems and the stress can get to us.  However, it is one thing to rest and relax and stay up all night and forgetting about what matters most in life.  And unfortunately, many fall prey to the allure of game apps and online games.

So far Clash of Kings is a stress reliever and not an addiction.  Burning pretend castles seems to be a beter choice than decapitating coworkers.  Plus, it takes only a few minutes of your time to enter a world very different from what we are used to.